Indie publishers #1: Bluemoose books

In 2018, I want to seek out more titles published by independent publishers. In the UK, there is a staggering amount of quality presses, who publish writers that deserve to be read.

Compared to the behemoths, these presses are often more diverse in their offering, in terms of author, story etc. It is important to support them.

They also offer many new/unknown writers a better chance of publication. From a selfish point of view, they offer opportunity for me to get published.

I think it would be rather nice if I started blogging about said publishers. Hello first post…


I came across Bluemoose books a few years ago, during the second year of my MA. Kevin Duffy, co-founder, gave an excellent talk on indie publishing. He also spoke a little about how Bluemoose came into existence, and some of their publications. Apparently he re-mortgaged his house in order to found the Hebden Bridge-based press.

I was intrigued.

The first title I read was Nod by Adrian Barnes. The story details a society that largely loses the ability to sleep. This causes tensions between the affected and those that can still sleep. It’s an deliciously written dystopia that I highly recommend.

The rest of Bluemoose’s catalogue is well worth a look, including King Crow by Michael Stewart (isn’t the cover bizarre and fantastic?). They also have beautiful production values, and the artwork is always visually appealing.

Check them out (please) at

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