I am one of those vegans, and am delighted about the growing popularity of the lifestyle. It’s also pleasing to see adverts promoting veganism popping up in mainstream spaces. Earlier this week, for example, I saw an advert for Veganuary on the tram home.

In the spirit of the month, I have listed my top vegan/vegan-friendly places. Just like my thought process, there is no order.

Please feel free to share yours in the comments, I am always looking for new places to consume delicious plants!

 1) Zad’s (Chorlton, Manchester)

Pizzas, burgers, puddings, but lower in saturated fat than conventional fast-food establishments. The Vegan Gains pizza is a favourite of mine.

2) The Allotment (Stockport, Manchester)

A fine dining place, located in the beautiful Old Town. Try the nut-based cheese board.

3) Mono (Central Glasgow)

A record shop, café, and gig venue. Offers burgers, pizzas, salads and delicious deserts.

4) Avacado (Central Athens, Greece. Vegetarian and vegan options)

A wonderful establishment, with a varied menu. I recommend the gargantuan Macro Plate, which is Brown rice, sweet potato, Greek seasonal greens, marinated organic tofu in tamari sauce, ginger and sesame oil.

5) Go Falafel (Various, Manchester)

My favourite healthy place in the city. They have sites in Deansgate, Piccadilly, and Rusholme. The lunch box is amazing, and reasonably priced.

6) Purezza (Central Brighton)

The best vegan pizza I have eaten. Everything is baked in a stone oven, and it’s located a mere 60 seconds from the coast.

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